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Why cheap filler and Botox parties are becoming a thing of the past?

I was recently approached by a patient who had been having filler done by a beautician nearby for many years.

She started to grow more concerned on the little lumps on her lips that would never seem to “smooth out” as her beautician had advised. Having massaged them and even try to pop them! Nothing seemed to improve.

She came to me for a regular dentist examination and we began discussing her lips as I had also noticed the bumps. She quickly opened up about her experiences and how she shouldn’t moan as it was only £150 every 6-12 months.

That’s when I sat her up and explained the difference between cheap filler and medical grade filler, the product the quality and most importantly the administration. My patient wasn’t aware of the cannula techique - this is a blunt needle technique used to safely administer filler. Furthermore in her case the cannula is more flexible and together with its length allows smoother continuous delivery of filler. This would mean no bumpy lips!

She was thrilled by the information which she had never received before. It led me to conclude:

1. Ask your practitioner what brand of filler they are using.

2. Find out what technique they are using.

3. Cheap is not always better - you’re paying for the practitioners knowledge and skills!

4. I highly recommend seeing a dentist or doctor for facial aesthetics - they know the anatomy and they know the technique needed to give you the best possible result.

5. In cases like this - you do get what you pay for!

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