Meet Our Team.

Welcome to our world of facial aesthetics.

Meet Dr Nishma BCHD and Dr Nikesh BDS


We are highly trained dental professionals providing signature facial aesthetics and skincare in Hertfordshire 

Under our care you can expect a fully comprehensive analysis of your skin at every appointment. We will tailor all of our treatments to your needs and wishes.


What sets us apart?

What sets us apart?

- Trained from the world renowned Avanti Aesthetics, Harley Street.

- The ability to provide a holistic diagnosis & advise to patients on issues which concern the FACE. 

- Dentists carry out far more invasive procedures in the FACE. than any other healthcare specialists

- Our deep understanding of facial anatomy.

- We believe that using a trained medical professional who has undertaken the appropriate training will be able to provide the highest level of aesthetic treatment 

- Dentists have the most experience in injecting in the facial tissues as we regularly inject the gums during dental procedures.

Our patients are at the heart of of FACE. 

Our aim is to form a long term relationship with every one of our patients

Trust is a big part of any medical treatment, and you can rest assured that we consider it an absolute honour to be able to serve you and never take for granted the fact that you had a choice when looking for a facial aesthetics practitioner.